Our 500hr Teaching Team

Tias Little

In 1985, Tias began practicing yoga in the Iyengar Yoga method. In 1989, he went to Mysore South India to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for six months with K. Pattabhi Jois. He returned to Mysore in 1995 completing primary, intermediate and half of the advanced series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Since 1992, Tias has been a long time student of Buddhist practice studying Vipassana meditation and Zen (Upaya Zen Center and Roshi Joan Halifax). He began studying Dzogchen and Mahamudra within Tibetan Buddhism in 2003 under the guidance of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Tias currently is a student of koan study in the Rinzai school of Zen practice studying with Roshi Joan Sutherland. In 2000, Tias and his wife, Surya, founded and directed the Yoga Source studio in Santa Fe. They sold the studio in 2006, and currently they both continue to offer public classes there. Tias is author of two books: The Thread of Breath and Meditations on a Dewdrop.  To see Tias’ elective click here.  Or for more information about Tias go to:  www.pranjayoga.net

Matthew Sanford

Matthew Sanford is an Iyengar yoga teacher, renowned public speaker, the award-winning author of Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, and paralyzed from the chest down.  He is the founder of the non-profit Mind Body Solutions and a leading voice in the integrative health movement.  He recently won the California Pacific Medical Center’s Institute of Health and Healing 2010 Pioneer of Integrative Medicine Award.  (Previous winners include Deepok Chopra, Mehmet Oz, and Andrew Weil.)  Matthew is also a pioneer in adapting yoga for people living with a wide variety of trauma, loss, and disability, including our wounded warrior population and veterans. Matthew’s classes are physically strenuous while also challenging students to explore beyond the physical execution of poses.  To see Matthews elective click here.  Or for more information about Matthew go to: www.matthewsanford.com and www.mindbodysolutions.org.


Elysabeth Williamson

Lotus-1000pxElysabeth Williamson, E-RYT500 is an internationally recognized Yoga teacher and founder of Principle-Based Partner Yoga™.   She is the author of  ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ and recently released ‘Partner Yoga Touch’, a state-of-the-art iPhone app, both award winning projects.  Elysabeth’s primary passion is how to use Yoga as a tool to open the heart and awaken authentic connection. To see Elysabeth’s elective click here.  Or for more information about Elysabeth go to: www.partneryoga.net

Terri Cooper

Terri Cooper lives in Miami and is the Founder of Yoga Gangsters, a non-profit that empowers youth in crisis through yoga. She offers weekly classes at her studio 305 Yoga & Outreach and is the Director of 305 University, Miami’s only karma yoga school. Terri writes, travels, dances, prays, loves & serves her community. She is a manifesting mofo and believes Connection is the Cure.  Click here to see Terri’s workshop.  Or click here to check out her website.


Hansa Eyrt-MT, ERYT500hr

Hansa is an ongoing student of Kripalu Yoga.  Over the years, she has studied with many teachers who have offered insights and depths into the path of yoga.  The blessings of all the wisdom holder offers her a unique, unfolding experience of yoga.   She has developed the belief that the body is the silent communicator of the Spirit and use yoga, yoga cikitsa, ayurveda and massage to facilitate Spirit connection.  She has taught in many locations and now has her own studio, the PranaYoga and Ayurveda Mandala in Denver.  She teaches yoga classes, yoga teacher training programs and a Yoga Therapy Training. Hansa is a past president of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Teachers Of Colorado and served on the Board of Kripalu Center, Sanga, International Yoga College and is currently on the Standards Committee for International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Anne Hart-ERYT 200hr, RYT 500hr

Anne has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2000.  She has earned her 500 hour certification from Tias Little/Prajna Yoga and has been honored to assist Tias for over 10 years.  Anne has also assisted Thomas Myers (“Anatomy Trains”) & Todd Garcia in a 5-day Fascial Dissection Course.  Anne creatively teaches anatomy using slide shows to depict anatomical structures which also appear in animals, art and architecture.  Following her presentations, she guides students through an asana practice focusing on those same structures experientially.  She ignites passion for the complexity of the human body.

Beth Sanchez-ERYT 200hr

Beth’s classes are deeply inspired by her primary teachers, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, and Ayurveda Master Practitioner, Alakananda Ma.  She is also deeply influenced by the teachings of Richard Freeman, and Adyashanti.  Beth has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and Ayurveda since 2005 and  Vegetarian Cooking Classes since 2010.  Her aspiration is to help students access their own awakened nature using powerful tools available through Yoga, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness.  Check out her offerings at www.bethsanchez.

Jeremy Wolf


Having an interest in the mind/body relationship since an early age, Jeremy practiced martial arts before finding yoga.  It was through the practice of yoga nidra and meditation back in 1993 that led him to explore asana, bhakti, and the Eight Limbs.   In 2006 he earned his yoga teaching certificate in the Classical Eight Limbs at Yoga Vidya Dham in Naasik, India.  Jeremy is also a Reiki Master and sees all of his practices as various methods for bringing himself and others back into the most natural state of being.

Cheryl Deer-ERYT 200hr, RYT 500hr

Cheryl Deer, RYT 500, Forrest Yoga Guardian, has taught yoga since 1996.  Cheryl’s classes and workshops are joyful and motivating, designed to leave you awakened and inspired.  Expect to receive gentle yet powerful adjustments, connect to your core and engage in your practice in a way that brings greater presence, healing and transformation. Cheryl’s teaching is deeply rooted in the Forrest Yoga philosophy; an approach designed to address the stresses and challenges of our daily lives and support our journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.In addition to teaching classes, privates, workshops and teacher trainings in Denver, Cheryl also spends time each year assisting her teacher Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga. She draws on her knowledge from Ana and her many years of experience to teach how to bring Spirit into life.


Kristine Whittle
As a Professional Modern Dancer and Licensed Massage Therapist, Kristine has found the rich practice of Yoga to be a natural extension of her love of movement and the healing arts. She harbors a deep passion for health and healing and has worked at holistic day spas, organic vegetable farms, whole foods markets, yoga studios, and presently from her dedicated in-home healing space in the Highlands neighborhood of NW Denver. For the past decade she has studied Anusara Yoga, inspired by the profoundly therapeutic benefits of its detailed attention to postural alignment and balanced muscular action. As a Certified Anusara Yoga instructor, she incorporates this methodology into her uniquely styled Restorative Yoga classes and therapeutic offerings. She is also influenced heavily not only by her massage therapy training but by the somatic practices she has explored over her many years as a dancer including kinesiology, release techniques, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, and Pilates.
Lisa Wimberger

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Stonybrook, NY and a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership. She is the author of NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear. Lisa is a neuroplastician running a private healing and psychic practice teaching clients who suffer from stress disorders. Lisa began her meditation practice at age 12.  Hit by lightning at age 15, and clinically dead on multiple occasions, Lisa uses her traumatic experience as a vehicle for transformation.  Lisa studied Ascension training for four years with Ishaya monks. She completed four years of psychic awareness training, applying the tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Lisa is the Founder of  the Trance Personnel Consulting Group and Ripple Effect, LLC.  She has created and facilitated leadership trainings for executive teams in Fortune 500 companies, the Colorado Department of Health Care and worked individually with international management. She has created and facilitated Emotional Survival programs for Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies and peer counsel groups. Lisa writes for the Elephant Journal, CopsAlive and partners with the Law Enforcement Survival Institute. Additionally, Lisa’s services are sought on a national level by individuals in law enforcement looking to find a new way to navigate through their stress patterns.  Lisa is a public speaker, and has addressed audiences ranging from corporate leaders to FBI and Secret Service.  Lisa is a member of the National Center for Crisis Management and ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association).  Her mission to share practical and powerful stress management techniques to those in need caused Lisa to develop her Neurosculpting® programs combining neuroscience principles with mindfulness and energetic modalities.

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina, CPT RYT MPA, is the owner of Energize training systems supporting and empowering elite athletes and everyday warriors to resolve trauma, pain and misalignments in their body, mind and spirit by turning on and tapping into their unique body wisdom for optimal health and fitness.
She is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Therapist, Wellness Coach, Advanced Sports Nutritionist, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Pilates and Yoga Instructor. Her unique style of training and healing infuses Pilates core integration, spine stabilization, alignment techniques, neuromuscular re-patterning, mind/body mapping, somatic healing.
 Shanti guides and organizes women’s spiritual retreats, teacher trainings, specialized yoga classes, and devotional music community events as well as offers private Body Current consultations by the phone, Skype, and in her home studio, Prajna, in Boulder, CO as well as other locations around the globe.  Shanti is the Marketing Director for the Give Back Yoga Foundation and Her Many Voices Foundation and is the Yoga and Somatic Studies Program Director at the Neurosculpting Institute in Boulder, CO.  http://www.EnergizeShanti.com.
Ahva Lenay
 ahvaAhva Lenay is a world bridger, a ceremonial artist, dancer, and modern day medicine woman. She is Co-founder and  Temple Keeper for Rhythm Sanctuary, a weekly, community ecstatic dance ritual that brings more than 150 community members together week to week in Denver, Co. She is a licensed massage therapist, and soul journey guide, with extensive studies, and lineage in shamanism. She is a certified Bio-Energetic practitioner and studied, trained and assisted with Anodea Judith,  world renowned author, visionary, lecturer  and psychotherapist who is well loved for her work in bridging eastern philosophy and western based psychology (Eastern Body, Western Mind). Through her knowledge of these modalities Ahva works with clients in helping  to identify the coping strategies (negative programming) developed through trauma during the psychological developmental stages of the chakras and applies this to reclaim psychological and somatic awareness and wholeness. Most importantly, Ahva is a midwife, and catalyst for bringing community together to co-create with spirit a new world aura that honors, and embraces the connectivity of all life, and relationship to the divine. She is well respected, and intensely loved for her devotion to the arts, her joyous spirit, and honoring Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Ahva works with clients one on one, and is regularly invited to incite ecstasy through movement in workshops, conferences, and intimate gatherings for all who are called to embrace their divinity and make a difference in the world.
Kate Coleman

Katherine M. Coleman began her journey into wellness in 2004, while attaining her B.A. in English Literature and Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. Before she knew it, Kate had become a steadfast yogini, practicing both yin and yang styles. Influenced by Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Baron Baptiste, and others, Kate completed her 200 hour certification at the Cincinnati Yoga School in 2008, and has since been blessed to volunteer for Yoga Bear, a national 501 (c)3 that connects cancer survivors with yoga studios.

In 2011, she became a Master Nutrition Therapist at the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver, specializing in digestive disorders, food allergies, and autoimmune conditions. Kate is dedicated to helping individuals find joy in developing balance through yoga, meditation, and nutritional wisdom. She believes that a happy heart and an open mind are tantamount to healthy meridian and organ systems.

Annie Freedon | Program Visionary & Director

It has been Annie’s lifelong desire to serve others and improve the planet we inhabit. Annie (with the help of many others along the way) created Samadhi almost eleven years ago to fulfill this dharma. It is through our joined vision that we have created this outstanding program that consistently transforms lives for the better.

Establishing a strong yoga teacher training program in Denver is an important step to awakening the masses to our own glorious truth. It is Annie’s heartfelt wish that many will not only learn about how to teach profound and transformational yoga classes, but will also discover a deep and powerful awakening in themselves. This, she believes has the power to positively and radically transform the world.