200hr Introduction

Samadhi’s commitment to integrity and authenticity combined with their comprehensive training program is exceptional! The instructors are highly qualified, passionate and caring. The support structure is nurturing but provides freedom for self-exploration. Bottom line: I am delighted with the whole adventure. All ingredients are there for the care and feeding of a whole yogi.

Extraordinary, distinctive and comprehensive.

The time is now to create profound change…
Will you be the one to step up to the challenge?

The Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training and Living Yoga Immersion programs are two separate programs that are for those who are committed to uncovering truth and devoted to working to better the world we live in through yoga. The Samadhi program is of the highest quality and most respected that we know of.  One of our many strengths is that the program is eclectic, offering many different styles and teachers with a strong commitment to helping students find their own authentic voice.  We are a small, privately-owned center deeply committed to the spiritual core of yoga practice as a powerful living tool for transformation and healing.  The Samadhi program will challenge you on every level and leave you transformed forever.

We welcome you to the journey!
How are Samadhi’s Teacher Training Programs different?

It is our deep heart-felt desire to offer you a program that changes your life forever and gives you the tools to help create positive change in the world we live in. We achieve this in several ways:

  • By offering a Teacher Training program that far exceeds the requirements of Yoga Alliance. In fact, the Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training consists far more than most other programs with over 200 hours of in-depth training and first-hand experience.
  • Our Living Yoga Immersion consists of about half of the Teacher Training and is perfect for those wanting to deepen their experience of yoga, but not necessarily interested in teaching.
  • With our dozen or so teachers in the program, you have a wealth of knowlege and experience available to you. Many of our classes are co-taught by masters in areas they are most passionate about. We strive to give you different points of view so that you have a more complete picture and can come to your own perfect conclusions.
  • You are supported throughout the whole program by our devoted teachers and staff, but you will also develop deep relationships with the other students in the program. Most people who go through our program feel that they gain a whole new family with their fellow students and staff.
  • The Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training goes wide and deep. Our adept teachers cover a great wealth of well-rounded information and help you to integrate all of it into who you are.
  • All Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training graduates are invited to participate in our Yoga Apprenticeship program at a deeply discounted rate.
What to expect…

Everything… every part… every day of the Samadhi training has exceeded what I could have asked for. ~ Samadhi Graduate

You will learn essential knowledge and skills in this Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training that will help you teach transformative and powerful yoga classes in the Vinyasa Flow style or simply deepen your own practice and life experience. In this in-depth program you will learn how to safely and effectively practice and teach traditional asanas, pranayama and basic meditation, japa and chant. You will learn about and experience physical and energy anatomy, yogic scriptures and lifestyle, yamas and niyamas, Ayurveda, Bhakti yoga and Puja, kirtan, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, the business of yoga and so much more.

Is Samadhi the right fit for you?

Samadhi’s Yoga Teacher Training program is right for you if you want to deepen your experience of yoga and life itself. It is right for you if you have a desire to share your love for yoga with others in a safe, effective and powerful way. Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training is right for you if you want a full experience of what yoga really is.

We strive and thrive to create an experience that is true to what we believe the original purpose of yoga to be.To heal our bodies, open our hearts, free our minds and merge with the Divine. The Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training program is sure to challenge you on every level.

We will learn how to create classes that acknowledge and honor each student’s unique process. Rather than memorizing someone else’s teaching technique, we will learn how to teach empowering classes that are an expression of who we are now and who we are becoming. Our Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training program is committed to raising teachers that have the ability to create their own masterpiece classes with their own individual expression. Please contact Alena Kelleher Samadhi200YTT@Gmail.com with any questions or request an application.

Choose your adventure…

Samadhi’s Yoga Teacher Training 14-week Intensive is a pre-designed program that consists of over 200 hours of study. This program is simple and easy to follow with a clear beginning and end date. Students will be living and breathing yoga for these 14 rigorous weeks. This program is highly intensive and highly, highly rewarding!
We are confident that you will come through this program delighted with your experience and changed forever.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!

Let there be Peace. Peace, beautiful Peace. Peace within, Peace without. Peace in this world. Peace in all worlds. Peace for all beings.