500hr Program Details

Samadhi’s 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program offers richness and depth for Yoga Teachers who are ready to take their practice, teaching and relationship to life to a new level.   Together we will hone the skills of full presence, service, joy, truth, and healing of ourselves, our students, and the culture at large.   Dive into the warm deep waters of your own heart and bring forth the treasure that lies there. 

Course Content

Embody Samadhi, our Yoga Alliance Certified 500hr Yoga Teacher Training in Denver consists of  300 hours of in-depth study and experience. (150hrs of Core Modules (5) and 150 of  Course Electives).   To ensure that you are ready, please have a solid yoga practice history, and at least a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification, that would allow you to skillfully incorporate the following into your practice and teaching:

  •  Advanced asana and pranayama
  •  Advanced adjustments and hands on healing
  •  Deeper philosophical questions and understandings
  •  A committed meditation practice on and off the cushion/mat
  •  Broader understanding of anatomical structure and movement principles
  •  Recognition and incorporation of key ayurvedic principles into living and teaching
  •  A willingness to peel off layers of false identification
  •  A commitment to being coachable, vulnerable, truthful, and authentic
  •  A readiness to experience and share more joy, gratitude, and happiness in the world
  •  An excitement about deepening your sense of dharma as service
  •  A readiness to share and hone your sense of humor
  •  An understanding of energetic principles that will help you skillfully design your personal practice (and others’)
  • A way of practicing yoga that embodies the heart of the ancient tradition


Program Details

You may begin Embody Samadhi at any time throughout the year with any  Core Module posted below or any  Elective.  Details and descriptions are posted on our Events page.

*Embodied Truth with Hansa, Anne Hart and Cheryl Deer: March 25th – 29th 2015

*Embodied Form with Hansa, Anne Hart, and Jeremy Wolf: April 29th – May 3rd 2015

*Embodied Wisdom with Hansa, Anne Hart, Beth Sanchez and Jeremy Wolf: July 22nd – 26th 2015 **there is an extra charge for our wisdom module, since it is a 

*Embodied Joy with Hansa, Anne Hart, Lisa Wimberger, Ahva Lenay and Shanti Medina: September 9th – 13th 2015
*Embodied Vitality with Hansa, Anne Hart, Beth Sanchez and Jeremy Wolf : November 18th – 22nd


Most Core Modules will run Wednesday-Sunday


  • Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm
  • Thursday 6:00-9:00pm
  • Friday 9:00-6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00-6:00/7:00pm
  • Sunday 9:00-6:00pm


Call us at 303.860.9642 or email Kristine Whittle (samadhi500@yahoo.com) for more details and to request an application.
Core Module Tuition
  • $2,145 for all 5 modules paid in full
  • $2,395 If paying for modules individually (the break down is $479 per module.)
  • There will be no cash refunds granted if choosing not to complete program.  Money unused will be refunded to students account and may be used at their leisure towards class packages/retail/workshop.


Elective Tuition
  • Each elective stands alone as an individual entity therefore pricing will very depending on all accounted variables.  Please check our events page for details.  Be sure to look for Early Bird pricing as most of our electives will have this option.

We look forward to meeting you!

*Yoga Teacher Training class tuition and deposit are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Program Detatils

Students enrolled in Embody Samadhi have up to three years total to complete the program, but must stay involved by participating in at least one core or elective module every six months.  Daily practice is essential and brief daily journaling about that practice is expected.

The core program consists of a series of five modules held over five separate long weekends throughout the year as outlined above.  Each of these consists of 25-30 contact hours totaling 125-150 contact hours when all five are completed.  These courses will be co-taught by our home and guest teachers.

We are confident that you will come through this program delighted with your experience and changed forever.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and for more information ~

 Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!


Let there be Peace. Peace, beautiful Peace. Peace within, Peace without. Peace in this world. Peace in all worlds. Peace for all beings.