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Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training~Embody Samadhi


Embody Samadhi is designed to give dedicated students a deeper understanding of  Yoga in their lives and support them in manifesting teaching positions in their areas of interest through education and experience.  Samadhi’s Yoga Alliance Certified program in Denver is intended to ground the practice as much as possible in real life/daily living.  We wish to find personal understanding to the question, “What does it mean to be enlightened and engaged in the world and how do we share this with others in a tangible way?”  Each core session is designed to allow student to look at how to apply the practice in daily life and present this to the group in a meaningful way.

We welcome you to the journey!
Our 500hr Yogic Studies Program in Denver and How it’s Accessible to You

It is Samadhi’s mission to offer our Denver and Boulder community a phenomenal program that gives all students the opportunity to go deeper, study further and gain a comprehensive understanding of their own Yogic path.  The time is now to create profound change in your world, and your life.

  • By offering a Yoga Teacher Training program that is accessible to everyone and with options to attend at your own pace. 150 hours of in-depth intensive modules with Samadhi’s core teaching team.
  • Our Choice Electives consist of about half of the Yoga Teacher Training and is a perfect opportunity to choose your own path, Samadhi offers 100’s of elective hours throughout the year and you may choose which trainings best suit your needs right here in our Denver location.
  • One of Denver’s only Certified Yoga Alliance 500hr programs.
  • With our abundance of seasoned and devoted teachers in the program, you have a wealth of knowlege and experience available to you. Many of our classes are co-taught by masters in areas that they are most passionate about. We strive to give you different points of view so that you have a more complete picture and can come to your own perfect conclusions.
  • You are supported throughout the whole program.  Our esteemed group of teachers embodies the yoga they teach.  These teachers are committed to working together in order to bring the highest quality of experience to teaching and to empower the student in order to begin to create a ripple effect of positive change and awakening on the planet.
  • Embody Samadhi is taught by a confident, qualified, experienced and passionate group of teachers that are well known and well respected in the metro Denver Yoga community and nationwide.
  • Portions of all of our elective programs are open to the public.  These hours never expire should you be a student not enrolled in our 500hr program and wish to enroll in the future.  Any hours you obtain will go towards building your future 500hr Certification.
What to expect…Our Mission

It is our mission to offer an advanced level yoga teacher training that is comprehensive, grounded, deep, raises consciousness, teaches how to live a life that embodies yoga, empowers, creating you as a powerful and positive force in the world… spiritual warriors, help move out of fear and back into power, moving beyond conditioned mind, ground the practice in daily living as much as possible…

You will learn essential knowledge to hone your already acquired skills in this Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training in Denver that will help you teach transformative and powerful yoga classes or simply deepen your own self and life experience.

Is Embody Samadhi the right fit for you?

Embody Samadhi is the right program for you if you want to deepen your experience of yoga and life itself. It is right for you if you have a desire to share your love for yoga with others in a safe, effective and powerful way.  Embody Samadhi is right for you if you want a full experience of what yoga really is.

We strive and thrive to create an experience that is true to what we believe the original purpose of yoga to be.  To heal our bodies, open our hearts, free our minds and merge with the Divine.  The Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training in Denver is sure to challenge you on every level.

Up until now most students who are serious about pursuing advanced training have had to endure the added expense of travel, but Samadhi is now bringing this higher level of training home and saving the student these extra expenses which also offers the student an extra bit of ease.  Call us at 303.860.9642 or email Kristine Whittle (samadhi500@yahoo.com) for more details and to request an application.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!

Let there be Peace. Peace, beautiful Peace. Peace within, Peace without. Peace in this world. Peace in all worlds. Peace for all beings.