Rindy Leeds

 “Ancora Imparo “ – I am still learning  Michael Angelo said that at 78, and that is how I try to approach my yoga and especially my life.  I believe in curiosity with each movement, each person is unique and he/she has a history in their bones.  Just as there is no “perfect pose” I encourage people to explore the possibilities within their ability at any given moment.  The breath is our most vital connection to life, emphasizing the attention to the breath before the pose allows each person to feel deeply connected to the mind/body but also to others.  Becoming a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor in 2009 at the Chopra Center in California opened up a whole new world for me personally, but it was becoming a yoga instructor that allowed me to incorporate both worlds.  Bringing awareness and attention to the flowing centering practices of Qi Gong and Yin/Yang I feel this only enhances our ultimate experience of inner expansion on and off the mat.  Samadhi was the first studio I attended after moving to Denver in 2005, I have loved the atmosphere ever since.


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