Leah Pearson

Leah sees yoga practice as an invitation to attune with the truth of her own essence and with the intelligent flow of nature. Yoga consistently helps her to feel good and embrace a positive and meaningful perspective on life! Along with teaching and practicing yoga, Leah coaches urban schoolteachers in Denver Public Schools.

Leah’s classes are enthusiastic, safe, authentic and spicy. In the words of internationally renowned yoga instructor Sianna Sherman, “Leah is full of heart and she is the absolute embodiment of flowing Grace in the currents of her heart. She is sincere, honest, dedicated and willing to transform her vulnerabilities into a vessel of pure gold. Leah has a great working knowledge of the Universal Principles of Alignment and a very palpable connection with the students heart to heart.”

Leah’s been teaching yoga in Denver since 2005. She’s studied Vinyasa Flow, Classical Ashtanga, Yoga Ed. for youth and was formally trained certified in the Ansuara® method of Yoga in 2011. While she no longer affiliates with any particular yoga style, she draws from all her teachers as well as her experience and heart when she teaches.

Leah Pearson's Anusara Class at Samadhi