Julieta Claire

JulietaEvery now and then we are blessed with a teacher that has the ability to transform our practice, and inspire us on a path we could not have imagined for ourselves. Julieta has been sharing this gift for over a decade with her countless students and devoted practitioners. A student and teacher of alignment, vivid story teller, and extraordinarily advanced in her own practice.Julieta passes her knowledge and passion effortlessly to her students in unique, playful and empowering ways, often pushing the boundaries of what is possible. She loves to teach beginners to the very advanced student, offering guidance tailored to meet the individual students needs to help them transform on the mat at their own pace. Julieta is a certified yoga teacher, teaching workshops and trainings in Denver, as well as a international teacher. She honors her teachers with gratitude in her own pursuit, among them her guide and mentor Desiree Rumbaugh. Julieta is the Founder of The Handstand School.