Crystal Hinton

Crystals background as a caregiver for 20 years, fuels her passion to adapt yoga therapy and assist with the healing process. Yoga is universal light and it is for everyone, a profound healing tool to understand the flow of energy and it’s subtleties. As co-founder of The Chanda Plan, Crystal works with a variety of clients to maintain wellness, promote balance, and improve the quality of life.  She has been practicing for 15 years, various styles, and teaching for 12. The last 9 years have involved heavy therapeutics working closely with Matthew Sanford, Madhuri Martin and John Friend, master teachers in biomechanics and Yoga Therapy.  Crystals class reflects a playful healing mixture of Hatha yoga, adaptive to all levels of practice. exploring the deep alignment of muscular integration and universal principles of energy in achieving a light balanced spine. Weaving these principles, her studies, integrative medicine, healing arts, love and wonder into a supportive web to deepen your practice & relationship to life.