Christine Miller

Christine’s relationship with yoga is about story….through words, embodiment and heart. Our physical bodies can talk in aches and pains about where we’ve been, and our mental selves are chatterboxes about where we want to go. The heart can hardly get a word in edgewise. Through yoga, this great practice of union, we can get them all moving the same way…telling the same story, expressing our truest selves in the present moment.  Christine feels spoiled by the amazing teachers in Denver, CO sharing their Anusara experience, and continues to study the principles of aligment amongst other lineages. She welcomes beginners and those who say, “I can’t do yoga, because I’m not flexible.” Her mantra is function over form, but fun comes first. Christine is crazy about her pooch, Crosby. She’s also madly in love with writing, dance, food, music, and nature.

Expect movement, music, and creating your own relationship with the best story ever told….yours.