Teachers of the Month for September 2012
Leah Pearson
Leah Pearson
Monday 7:30-8:45pm
Sunday 10:45-12:15pm
I’ve been asking the question, “Why are we here?” since the age of three. Besides driving my parents crazy, this fierce curiosity eventually led me to my first yoga class in 1998 in Boulder, Colorado. The afterglow of that class left me feeling inexplicably enlivened and I got hooked! I’ve been studying yoga ever since and teaching yoga in Denver since 2005.
I have practiced and studied Vinyasa Flow, Classical Ashtanga, Yoga Ed. for youth and I was formally trained and earned my certification in the Ansuara® method of Yoga in 2011. I am grateful for my extensive and diverse education in the art and science of Yoga and while I no longer affiliate with any particular style, I draw from all of my teachers as well as my own experience and my heart when I teach.
I see yoga practice as an invitation for me to attune with the truth of my own essence and with the intelligent flow of Nature. Yoga practice and teaching consistently helps me to feel good and offers me the realization that what I choose to do with my life truly counts! With a remembrance of my greatness via practice, I begin to live into the answers to that old and most fulfilling question, “Why are we here?”
Along with teaching and practicing yoga, I deeply value social justice and I see literacy as a universal human right. I was a bilingual, third-grade teacher in an inner-city school, completed my Masters in Education at Stanford University and presently coach urban schoolteachers in Denver Public Schools.
Feel free to contact me for privates at leahpearson.com.
Marcy Wurzburg
Marcy Wurzburg
Wednesday 4:15-5:30pm
Marcy was first introduced to yoga over a decade ago by her mother, also a yoga instructor. As a dancer, Marcy brings grace and awareness into her classes. She believes the yoga practice creates greater freedom through a shift of consciousness and of the heart. Marcy is a student of Anusara yoga and is progressing along her trajectory toward certification. By focusing on the Universal Principles of Alignment, Marcy ensures effectiveness and safety in the poses. Marcy weaves heart-oriented themes into her classes, creating a graceful and freeing space for practice.
$8 classes with Leah and Marcy for the entire month of September!!!