Teachers of the Month for July 2012
Julieta Claire, Brittany Belisle & Meredith Abbott
Julieta Claire, Brittany Belisle & Meredith Abbott
Monday 12:00-1:00pm Julieta Claire
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Brittany Belisle
Thursday 5:00-6:00pm Meredith Abbott
Friday 5:30-6:45 Meredith Abbott
Saturday 4:00-5:15 Meredith Abbott
In power yoga we seek to cultivate shakti a Sanskrit word meaning "to be able." Shakti represents the sacred force of empowerment. These classes provide a challenging yet accessible yoga practice for all levels; modified versions of more difficult postures will always be given. Power yoga emphasizes the use of ujiayi breathing, generating an internal heat within the body to purify body, mind and spirit. After class you will feel strengthened, empowered and ready for what life has to offer you!
Mid~Year Resolution
Mid~Year Resolution
Let the month of July be the time to start a mid~year resolution.
Most of our Power Fit classes are just one hour!!! If you find your practice slipping out of sync or your are just looking to deepen, these classes are a great way to jump right back in.