Restorative Yoga with Beth Sanchez

Restore LionRestorative Yoga is a miracle.   In our ever-active culture, we have lost the art of resting deeply, which means that we have also deprived our bodies of the time and the space they need to do their critical work of cell regeneration, anti-aging, immune boosting and more.   All this and more happens when we put the body in deeply soothing supported postures and remain for several minutes, gently guiding the breath, surrendering, and opening ourselves to the possibility that our deep wisdom will naturally spring forth.

In this workshop you will learn the physiology, background, and methodology for Restorative Yoga as well as do a deeply soothing practice, which will be written down so you can take it home with you.

Come and give yourself the luxury of slowing down.

Saturday April 12th
Only $35

Click here or call to register

This weekend workshop is a part of  Samadhi’s 500hr Teacher Training Program 2.75 Elective Hours (also open to general public).  Contact us for details :)


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