New Years’ Eve Gong Baths With Gary Fishman



Just $30 Each!!


Space is limited to 50 to assure a divine experience.

Sign up now. Last year’s event sold out and had a waiting list.


Gongs belong to the oldest and most important musical instruments of South East Asia. Their origins can be traced back to the second millennium B.C., but it is assumed they are much older.

Gary’s gongs are tuned to the energy of the planets. These planet gongs resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the “music of the spheres”. People consistently have powerfully healing experiences.

8949_10152850875178713_7774158096585624246_nGary also just received a new shipment of Anandalite, which is a rare vibrational crystal that comes from only one mine in central India. These crystals help deepen the intensity of the state of samadhi that many people experience during the vibrational experience. He’ll have them there for use during the Gong Bath and also for sale so you can take them home to your own sanctuary.

We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you. Please bring friends and loved ones, but leave children at home. The vibrations are often times too much for young children. You will be laying down for the whole meditation, so please feel free to bring blankets and cushions.



10399496_1160179973988_4700567_nGary Fishman became interested in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism 40 years ago. He received a degree in philosophy at the University of Colorado. He has been practicing Ashtanga and Power Yoga for twelve years and Kundalini for seven years. Gary first became interested in the healing arts 13 years ago when he was introduced to aromatherapy, which helped him heal a long-time illness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since then he has studied and become certified in Crystal Healing with Luna and Karen Kuk-Nagle. He is also certified in all three levels of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Himalayan Vibrational Healing under the teachings of Richard Rudis. Gary has been playing the didgeridoo for many years with the help of many excellent teachers. He also studies tabla and Dholak with Harsh Agrawal, and has been involved in drum circles playing handmade native-style drums of internationall acclaimed drum maker Scott Schumacker of YuWani Drums for many years.

Call Samadhi to sign up!!! 303-860-9642