500hr Core Module ~ Embodied Vitality

Embodied Vitality with Anne Hart, Hansa, Beth Sanchez and Jeremy Wolf
November 18th – 22nd

This module will support simple but deep Mindfulness Practice in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn as a foundational way of being throughout the training.   Additionally, we will cover theory on the energetics of sequencing in general and Ayurvedic sequencing specifically.   In addition to the energetics, we will get very concrete in our understanding of key anatomical and kinesiological principles behind movement theories using multi-media lectures, group practice, and a  teaching practicum which will ground the theory somatically.   This module will also cover the principal philosophical systems within Ayurveda (Shad Darshan) as well as reflect on Patanjali’s implications about asana as a component on the path to awakening.   We will finish with deep and mindful reflection within the practice of dharma sharing.  This module is led by Beth Sanchez and Jeremy Wolf.

– Incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda into your practice and teaching
– Practice with awareness of and an ability to influence the attributes of the 3 gunas and related 3 doshas
– Practice in a way that emphasizes certain chakras
– Practice to balance, strengthen, and influence the prana vayus
– Design the most supportive personal practice to bring balance to mind and body, specific to your needs, constitution, and lifestyle
– Design classes that create a very specific energetic effect
– Uncover and apply some of the core themes of the Upanishads into your understanding of yoga and your teaching
– Learn detailed anatomy of the foot, and practice a sequence that helps you apply this new understanding
– Enjoy some healthy food that is prepared Ayurvedically
– Practice group teaching and applying your new learning into your teaching
– Design classes that energetically support a theme or dharma talk


Hansa PictureVedic Upanishad~with Hansa: Vedic Upanishad –The Vedic Upanishad are illuminations of the Veda, the oldest spiritual texts. Each Upanishad takes one theme from the Rig Veda and explains it. We will review the major themes in each of fourteen Vedic Upanishads, easily summarized by saying that Spirit resides in your heart. What does that mean though? We will conclude the evening with a Bhakti meditation of the form of AUM, the vibration of the Divine.

*The Wednesday night session of this Module will be held at Hansa’s Studio*
Gentle Touch – PranaYoga and Ayurveda Mandala
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3333 Federal Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80211

This workshop is a part of  Samadhi’s 500hr Teacher Training Program (this portion is not open to general public).  Please contact us for details.