We at Samadhi Yoga are inspired by true community that works together to continually spread light in the world in which we live.  We know we are more powerful when we work together and lovingly support each other.  This is important at all times, but especially now as our world is moving through huge transition.

Below are local small businesses that I personally use and have found to offer excellent service that I can rely on.  I want to share them with you so that you can feel good about the services you are investing in and so that we can work together to support our local small businesses.  Nothing is required of these businesses to be listed here, but most have offered up some kind of special offer for Samadhi Yoga members.  I feel that you are in good hands with these people.  Please spread the word and spread the wealth.

May we all prosper and thrive!!

~ Annie

Pneuma Chiropractic

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.07.39 PMPneuma Chiropractic
and Family Wellness Center

513 30th Street,
Denver, CO 80205
Tel: 720-285-9256


Located in the blossoming Five Points district of Denver, we are a vitalistic chiropractic and family wellness center. We offer chiropractic care and wellbeing resources for people in all phases of life. We acknowledge the body, mind and soul as one, and our goal is to help you live a healthy, inspired life. Chiropractic is about life, and can be a powerful vehicle for allowing you to make subtle yet profound shifts in the way you live and view life on all levels.

Whether you are experiencing specific health concerns or just want to enhance your health potential, we are happy to serve you. Our focus is on helping your body function at its highest level by removing interference in your nervous system through the specific chiropractic adjustment.  When interference in your body is removed the effects are boundless.


Our chiropractic care includes bi-weekly wellbeing talks designed to more deeply involve you with your care and to provide greater understanding of chiropractic and the laws of life. These talks are interactive, discussion based, and provide powerful tools to support you where you are.  We also offer one-on-one pre- and post-partum doula consultations, pregnancy & birth circles and community support groups for new moms.

Tuesday 2 – 6 pm
Wednesday 8 – 12 pm
Thursday 2 – 6 pm
Friday 8 – 12 pm
Saturday 9 – 11 am

~*~ Samadhi students with an existing package receive 15% off their first visit ~*~

John A. Martinez

Watercourse Foods

837 East 17th Avenue, Denver CO 80218
(303) 832-7313

YUM!!!!  Every time YUM!!  And the people here… YUM!!  LOVE this place.  They serve up the very best vegetarian meals in town.  The service is always top notch AND they are committed to contributing to the community in big ways.  They have already contributed thousands of dollars a year to various local and national non-profit organizations through their Non-Profit Monday Fundraisers.  10-15% of sales on a given Monday go to specific organization.  Chew on that!!  Flash ‘em your Samadhi key card on your birthday and get one free tea, chai or espresso drink on that day!

Lighthouse Solar

Lighthouse Solar
Phone: 303-638-4562
Lighthouse Solar is a full service provider of solar electric solutions for residential and commercial clients. We specialize in custom, attractive solar installations using the best products on the market at an affordable price. When you purchase a solar system through Lighthouse Solar you will receive $500 off your solar installation cost as well as a $250 gift card for yoga classes through our business partnership with Samadhi Yoga.



84 S. Broadway, Denver, CO
We have been screen printing in the Denver area since 2002. INDYINK stands behind our work 100%. Our clients range from large corporations to hobbyists. We offer design work and will help you get the best printing possible whether you order every month or have never had shirts made before! We currently offer manual, plastisol screen printing services. With two 6 color presses as well as a few tables for large format and poster printing. We offer competitive pricing on orders as small as a dozen items, with a 2 week turn around time! We offer a large variety of garments to print on or you can bring in your own!

Happy Leaf Kombucha

photo-mainTap Room

3519 Brighton Blvd.

Denver, CO 80216
(720) 708-4954


Happy Leaf Kombucha was started in January of 2013 by Jenni Lyons and Mike Burns. With Jenni’s background as in holistic nutrition, and Mike’s background in craft beer, kombucha was a natural fit. Like all good stories, this one begins with a hand-me-down SCOBY and a kitchen. Avid kombucha fans, their plan was to brew enough kombucha so that they could have it on tap at all times in their own home.

Happy Leaf’s goal is to brew the best kombucha on the market.  Their proprietary culture of bacteria and yeast gives their kombucha a flavor profile unlike any other. They hand select all our ingredients and even blend their own tea to ensure the best product possible. The teas are raw, vegan and gluten free, and Happy Leaf does not use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and source organically.  Kombucha is brewed using Rocky Mountain water in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado.

“At Happy Leaf, we strive to always be innovating with our new flavors. Since most of the produce we use for our flavoring is seasonal, we’re always experimenting with new ingredients. From traditional to unconventional, it is our mission to create kombucha that is defined by its complexity as well as its deliciousness. Our loyal patrons are always excited to see what’s brewing at Happy Leaf, and we hope you are too.”

Evo Hemp


Evo Hemp
PO Box 619, Boulder, Colorado 80306
YUM YUM YUM!!  Check out our friends over at EVO HEMP.  Evo Hemp bar packs as much into it as you do into your day. Pure fruits, nuts and hemp seeds sustain your energy and satisfy your taste buds on the go. It’s superfood evolved.  Try eating hemp seeds when you feel tired or sick. Hemp protein contains the amino acid, globulin edestin, which provides energy to your immune system. Hemp has the highest amount of edestin protein out of the entire plant kingdom.

Church of Cupcakes

Church of Cupcakes
1489 Steele Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80206
( 720) 524-7770
These scrumptious creations are baked in small batches throughout the day to ensure freshness and the yummiest cupcake around!!  Porche Lovely and her team have won many awards for the delicious yumminess, baked with organic and local ingredients whenever possible.  By supporting Church of Cupcakes, you are not only giving yourself a much deserved treat, you are also supporting a whole community.

Black Bear Electric

(303) 815-7766

Tom brings over 20 years of experience and professionalism in electrical work, both commercial and residential.  Samadhi relies on his expertise to help with all of our electrical needs.  Black Bear Electric, LLC provides for all your electrical needs with friendly and reliable customer service and the highest standard in the industry.  Samadhi members save 10% off any new electrical projects over $100.

Halo Salon

4336 East 8th Avenue, Denver CO 80220
(720) 524-8359

Co-owners, Khara and Nicole are not only yoginis, but Nicole has been a long-time member of the Samadhi family and even supports Samadhi with weekly seva (selfless service).  Halo Salon is my favorite place to get my dreads done because in my  experience they do a superb job every time, use high quality products and are very simply friendly, kind and genuine.  Their ecologically responsible salon is centrally located and super easy to get to.  Khara and Nicole have generously offered a 20% off the first visit to all Samadhi students when you show them your Samadhi key card.

Lovely Convections Bakery

1489 Steele Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80206
(720) 524-7770

These scrumptious creations are baked in small batches throughout the day to ensure freshness and the yummiest cupcake around!!  Porche Lovely and her team have won many awards for their delicious yumminess, baked with organic and local ingredients whenever possible.  By supporting Lovely Confections Bakery, you are not only giving yourself a much deserved treat, you are also supporting a whole community.  Flash ‘em your Samadhi key card and get one free cupcake when you buy three at regular price. 

Optimum Social

1837 Pearl Street, Denver 80203
(303) 517-1453

Social media has become of great importance in today’s business world.  It isn’t so much about building business, although it can definitely do that.  It’s about building community which is important to all of us.  Samadhi trusts Alexis and Pat Sue to help us grow the amazing community we already have.

The Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast

Please mention Samadhi when booking your stay here as the Queen Anne offers our students 20%-30% off all rooms.

The comfort of our guests and support of our community are our top priorities. We pledge to provide the finest service and facilities to our guests, and to support our local economy through use of their goods in our hospitality. We are actively aiming to become a zero-waste property in which everything is recycled, re-used or composted to reduce our impact on our environment. The Queen Anne experience refreshes the spirit, instills well-being, satisfies our guests, and supports the Denver community.   http://www.queenannebnb.com/ for more information.