• Thanks to Samadhi I am more familiar with myself and more compassionate with others. All the teachers here have shown me myself. Thanks for being a light in the world. ~ Phillip Howard
  • Samadhi and yoga have become a central part of my life. I enjoy the many facets; my spirituality, exercise, a sense of community. The staff and instructors are very open and helpful. The effect in my life is broad and deep. I am very appreciative of the experience, the center and the people. ~ Steve Fante
  • Challenging, opening …a journey of mind and body…peaceful. ~ Ed Guhman
  • Samadhi is the answer to my soul’s need for a comprehensive yoga practice and sangha. The teachers keep growing with us, and the students are clearly thriving. ~ Lisa Kaley-Isley
  • I have tried several yoga studios in the Denver area, but none compare to Samadhi. All of the instructors are great, with each offering something unique. I have never been disappointed. Samadhi is a beautiful place to practice. ~ Kerry O’Hanlon
  • When I walked into Samadhi, I knew this was the center my heart has been looking for. Samadhi teaches not only the poses of yoga, but also the spiritual aspect, all within an external space created with an intention of peace allowing me to connect with that internal peace of stillness, that connection to the divine. ~ Tracey Thiele
  • …being new to Denver , Samadhi has helped me find my heart home, my center, and the many small-voice realizations of why my path led me here. Many, many thanks and Namaste. ~ Jaime Morston
  • Samadhi is a beautiful space with positive energy and staff. My experience at Samadhi has enhanced and advanced my love of yoga, beyond asana and beyond my time in classes. ~ LBJ
  • In a world filled with stress and stimulation Samadhi has provided me with an outlet to recharge and reenergize my self. ~ Sarah Wilbur
  • Samadhi Center is a little piece and place of magic in the city. One starts to visit Samadhi to “do” yoga and soon you visit Samadhi to just be. Thank you Samadhi and all the wonderful teachers! ~ Laura Brinkman
  • Samadhi is a true treasure for yogis in Denver . Practicing at Samadhi provides a wonderful sense of devotion, strength and existence. ~ Ana Luevano
  • I feel so blessed to have Samadhi in my life. I think the best part is that I get the benefit of so many quality instructors. While all share the same intentions of union, gratitude and peace, each has a slightly different philosophy, creativity and wisdom to share. The teachers keep me humble and craving more. Thank you Samadhi. ~ Leah Pearson
  • Yoga and Samadhi help me to walk my path. What and who I strive to be are with me when I practice yoga. When I am off track or off of my purpose I do yoga and breathe and it always brings me back home. Thank you! Thank you! ~ David Dunn
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