About Samadhi

It is what each of us longs for and seeks through all of life. It means to dissolve into Divine Bliss or to merge with the Divine Spirit. While the experience of Samadhi is beyond words, it is recognized and remembered as your true Self immediately. It is the feeling of finally coming home and swimming freely in the infinite pool of unconditional love, bliss and wisdom.


Balance of body, mind and soul in a nurturing, supportive and beautiful environment… this is what we are grateful to offer you through Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation.

Samadhi began many years ago in the heart and mind of our owner Annie Prasad Freedom.   Wanting to create a sacred space for the practice of all things yoga where people could come and feel empowered and whole, Annie opened the doors of Samadhi in March 2002 in a temporary location on the corner of 19th and Pearl in Denver while waiting for our permanent space just a few doors away to be built.

Annie has always had a humble desire to share love and healing with others.   She had a successful career teaching yoga and offering intuitive healing for years before she opened Samadhi.  Initially she hoped to have just a small center, but was shown through spiritual channeling that Samadhi was meant to be much bigger and serve many, many more people.  As of today, we have gratefully and humbly served about 250,000 people over the years.   Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

While Samadhi has grown and has won many awards over the years, making it Denver’s Premier Yoga studio, we have still maintained a feeling of community and family here.  We offer a wide variety of yoga styles for beginners and those with physical challenges to those who want to levitate.  We also offer a phenomenal Yoga Teacher Training program, Yoga Apprenticeship program, workshops, yoga retreats, special events and even a healing center with fabulous massage, Reiki, and other wonderful healer practitioners!  A retail boutique with locally made jewelry, clothing, yoga mats, books and other accessories.  Whether you wish to challenge and tone your body with advanced yoga classes or relax and rejuvenate through Yoga Nidra and meditation, you’ve come to the right place.

Like an oasis in the city, you can come to Samadhi, let go of the things that bring you stress and nourish your body, heart and soul. Samadhi is our gift to you. Enjoy!

Annie and her daughter Maya are ever grateful to the many people who have participated in some special and loving way to make this all possible. May all light and love be returned to you a thousand times more.

With a mission to thrive and serve while spreading love, hope and healing, we are Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation and we welcome you with open hearts.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!

Let there be Peace. Peace, beautiful Peace. Peace within, Peace without. Peace in this world. Peace in all worlds. Peace for all beings.